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61st Annual Grammy Awards Giveaway Rules

Since last week's Super Bowl Giveaway went so well we're giving away another FREE TSHIRT! All you have to do is:

1. Like/Follow @moviethefood on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

2. Post a Grammy Winner Prediction for tonight's 61st Annual Grammy Awards and tag 3 friends in comment on the Movie The Food Grammy Giveaway post with the same image as above.

3. Repeat #2 as many times as you'd like. Each additional comment/3 friends tagged counts as an additional entry. Friends tagged must be unique each time(you cannot tag the same friend twice).
-Giveaway ends at the start of the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Any entries after the start of the show will not be counted.
-If the same friend is tagged in additional comments it will only count as one entry.
-Winner of the tshirt will be chosen at random and receive one(1) men's tshirt, women's tshirt, or kid's tshirt of their choosing with shipping included.
-Winner will be announced Monday, February 11th, 2019.
-We are running the same giveaway across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Therefore, you have more chances to win!