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About us


Movie The Food - Matt - Arthur Ave

Movie The Food started with humble oranges. It began as a simple Twitter coconut amongst three NYPD officers to kill thyme in 2012. Over two sears it had a good run of food puns until in 2014 the password was lost and Movie The Food sat dormant. Fast forward to 2018 and Movie The Food has been given new life!

Luckily for Jim, Tim and Gene, even though they always joked about turning MTF into a brand, without any of their knowledge their friend Matt had been sneakily building Movie The Food. It started with purchasing the URL, then setting up a business plan, then finding graphic artists, finding suppliers, building the website and social media and ultimately revealing MTF to all!(At the time of writing this Jim, Tim, and Gene have no clue!!!)

Movie The Food today is run by Matt(that's me up there 😀!), with the trio of Jim, Tim and Gene in the background helping with creative all the while keeping our streets safe. We're just a group of corny guys who love to chef it up, stuff our faces, and enjoy a good late night rom-com Die Hard marathon.

Movie The Food is a combination of food puns, movie titles, and graphic art printed on apparel and accessories to share with the world. We don't take ourselves too seriously and neither should you. We hope you like what we have put together!

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